Titanic Movie

Discover the tale of the Titanic movie. A blend of fact and fiction, giving an insight into the passengers and crews story on the disastrous voyage.

Totem Pole

Conway House Hotel, Dunmurry. Learn more about this property near Belfast and its most unique totem pole, a wonderful piece of Native American art.

Magheradroll Graveyard

Situated in Ballynahinch. Magheradroll’s walls stand in grandeur and ruins. Learn more about this old grave churchyard with Happy Ireland Productions.

A Curse in the Blacksmith’s Forge

This tale follows a curse enacted on the banks of the River Feale and where seven brothers of blacksmith trade swore vengeance onto foul play.

Carnlough Village

Covering notable points of interests such as Glenariff and narrations of surrounding past Carnlough. Find out more with Happy Ireland Productions!

The Lucky Sands of Banagher

Well that bates Banagher and Banagher bates the band - this known saying has been thought to come from the magical qualities of sand found on the Churchyard

Doon Well and Rock

Regarded as a prominent Holy Site in the county. Atop a hillock, learn more about this historical site situated in County Donegal!

The Caledon Estate and the Bonehouse

Learn more about this charming estate in Caledon, Co. Tyrone. Its history and its curious Bonehouse are regarded as something extraordinaire.

Deramore House

Thatched Deramore House, encased within its time-worn walls and beneath its quaint roof is historical. Read our blog on this piece of architecture!


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