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How does a cassette tape work?

The cassette tape or simply cassette saved countless hours of recorded sounds, music and dialogue. Small and compact but when inserted into a player delivered hi-fi tunes and music. But how did they work? Short answer – magnets. More specifically, the process of Magnetic Recording. Which involves storing information electronically. It is present in broadcasting […]

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Northern Ireland Zoo

Northern Ireland Zoo are some of the most pleasant attraction! Don’t you agree? Local Zoo Check out Belfast Zoo! Local Walks and Escapes to look out for More from Happy Ireland If you enjoyed this blog, click here to view more from us! With Happy Ireland Productions, you can preserve your memories to last forever. Visit one […]

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How to Store Cassette Tapes

Remember that distant past when you wanted to listen to your favourite artist’s latest you had to visit instore to buy their cassettes. Over those years, we may have built a collection of tapes, packed full of precious recordings. From music to dialogue, chances are this personal archive has now been stored away and beyond […]

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