VHS-C Tape to DVD

VHS-C tape is the compacted version of the VHS tape format and was introduced in 1982 to be used primarily for portable camcorders. The format is based on the same video tape as is used in VHS and could be played back in a standard VHS VCR with an adapter that the VHS-C fitted into. Again, now that we have moved into a digital age for recording video on memory cards rather than tapes, the VHS-C has become virtually obsolete.
If you have home movies recorded onto VHS-C tape we will transfer your camcorder tapes to DVD or digital conversion so that you can relive your family memories again. Whether it is a wedding video, school play, or family outing, we will take the tape and carefully move it to a DVD or digital conversion format. We can repair the tape as needed.

Camcorder tapes to DVD service Happy Ireland Productions