Helical Scan Tape to DVD 

Helical Scan was a method of recording information onto magnetic tape. It was used to record TV programs in the 1960s, and by several storage sellers in high-end tape backup products. The helical scan is the same technology used in digital audio tapes and began in the VCR arena. It uses a spinning read/write head and diagonal tracks. Unfortunately, the recording and playback heads touch the tape. Furthermore, an IBM scientist concluded in the mid-1990s that helical-scan cartridges could start to deteriorate after being used from 50 to 250 times. If you are worried about the longevity of any of your film formats, then bring them to Happy Ireland so that we can transfer them to DVD. We will also restore and repair the film where possible while cutting out any blank scenes. Contact us today.

Helical scan transfer service Happy Ireland Productions