At Happy Ireland, we do all kinds of film processing. We will carefully make prints from your negatives, memory cards, CDs, DVDs, or memory pens. We can develop or reprint your photographs from any format including digital media so you can recapture old memories or enjoy your recent snaps in printed form. Choose from gloss or matte finishes as well as the option of extra prints, or a copy of your pictures transferred onto a CD.

Film processing

35mm film processing – (6×4 5×7, 8×10)

For many years mainstream and professional cameras used 35mm film and it was easy to get the photographs printed out at several locations on the high street. Since digital photography was introduced, the use of film cameras became outdated and the places to have the film printed dwindled dramatically. Happy Ireland offers a film printing service. Whether you have old films that you forgot about, or you still actively use a film camera, we can develop and process the negatives and print out your pictures in 6×4, 5×7, or 8×10 inch formats.

APS film processing (APS)

First produced in 1996, APS is a now redundant film format for taking still photographs for different sizes on the same roll of film. The film could also be removed from the camera partially exposed to be used later. It was advertised by Eastman Kodak under the brand name Advantix, by FujiFilm under the name Nexia, by Agfa under the name Futura and by Konica as Centuria. The film was 24mm wide and had 3 formats of ‘H’ for High Definition (30.2 × 16.7 mm; aspect ratio 16:9; 4×7″ print), ‘C’ for Classic (25.1 × 16.7 mm; aspect ratio 3:2; 4×6″ print) and ‘P’ for Panoramic (30.2 × 9.5 mm; aspect ratio 3:1; 4×11″ print).
It was never fully adopted by photographers, and again when digital photography came into fruition the format died out. At Happy Ireland, we have the technology to develop any APS film that you may still have.

Prints from phone, CD or memory card (6×4, 5×7)

With film cameras, you had no choice but to print the film out to see your pictures, but now with digital cameras, phones, and tablets, you can view them on the screen. It is nice to print out your favourite pictures in high quality and use them as gifts or in your own home. At Happy Ireland, we can take the hassle out of printing your photos yourself and can do this from a variety of formats including CD or memory card.

Photo Enlarger Services Negatives or Digital

We can print out and enlarge your photos from your negatives, or photo files that you have saved on a digital format quickly and easily. As well as printing out copies of your photographs in different sizes, we can also transfer them to CD.
Whatever your requirements are, what format you have, Happy Ireland is here to help with all of your photo needs.

Obsolete/Vintage film processing

We can handle a number of obsolete film processes and film formats.
All services include a Process, Print & Scan package.

£30 per Specialist D&P Item below included a process, print & scan package. (Developing + 6×3 prints + Each image scan to CD)


110 Film process, print & scan package

126 Film process, print & scan package

127 Film process, print & scan package

E6 Slide processing

E6 Slide Process, Print & Scan package (Slide mounts Included)

  • 35mm – processing, mounting, scanning & printing
  • 120 Roll film – processing, mounting, scanning & printing


Black & White Processing

  • 35mm 24 or 36 Exp B&W process, print & scan package
  • 120 Roll film 6×4.5 format B&W process, print & scan package

Develop only charge of £15 per item
(charge incurred for blank films only – No prints or scans)