Transfer Cine Film to shareable, digital keepsakes. Relive past recorded experiences, now in High Definition!

We do Cine Film transfer to digital conversion for family memories, historical archives, and museums all over the UK and Ireland.

Cine Film Formats We Transfer

(Please select the cine film format you would like digitised) 

8mm Cinefilm to DVD
16mm Cine Film to DVD
9.5mm Cine film to DVD

How It Works

1. Visit

Visit our HQ in Belfast or one of our many partners and drop in your assortment of analogue media. We’ll be with you step by step on how you want it transferred. Leave your details with the respective team member and once that’s done, we’ll handle everything from there.

2. Digitise

Once we receive your order, our team of experts and technicians work hard to transfer your memories. From quality checks, restoration, and digitisation.

3. Enjoy

You’ll receive your original media back, with your digitised copies. Bring the family and friends together and replay all your favourite recorded memories and moments!

How we do it

By cleaning and converting your films we provide a restored, easy to view digital video on DVD or digital format that you can watch for years to come.
When we do cine film transfer, we use traditional telecine systems and custom-built digital projectors with LEDs bulbs. These give far superior image capture, with no risk of burning your precious memories. While we transfer old film to DVD, we use the best equipment for the job, depending on the type and quality of your cine.
We combine 35 years of experience in cine film transfer. Our trained technician oversees every stage, making sure the final product meets our high standards. We always treat each order as a special case. In addition, we test each transfer system to get the best possible results for you.

Need a Little Help Finding Out Your Cine Film Format?

Cine Film Formats

Reel Size Guide

Cine Film Transfer Reel Size Guide

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