In becoming a specialist of video to DVD, VHS to DVD, audio transfer, and CD duplication, HIP has provided customers with outstanding service. You, too, can trust in our knowledge, expertise, equipment, reliability, and value for money. Discover exactly how we can preserve your memories and data below.

Protecting Memories

A quick rummage in your attic will often uncover a trove of treasured memories in photos and videos. Often the memories are of friends and family members whom you would like to remember for a long time to come. Well, you can safeguard those memories by converting old video and audio to a digital data medium.

Rescuing Video and Audio

Older storage formats like cassettes, photographs, cine film, and slides are vulnerable to gradual damage over time. The simple fact is that they were not built to last for many decades, and this is precisely how HIP can help. Quite simply, our video transfer services allow for older data formats to live on in the digital world.

Preserving Knowledge

Outside of the family realm, businesses and various organisations depend on our audio and video transfer expertise to preserve their valued information for the future. This can prove invaluable for revisiting past work projects or in educating students using historic materials.

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